Jun 2, 2011

Rooster crowin' at the break of day...must have something on his mind

Morning at daybreak!
Lyrics of Bob Dylan run through my mind, "Meet me in the morning..."
What I like about listening to that little rooster crow is that his err-er-errrr-er-ooo- signals he is alive and thus, my hens have likely survived a night of predators.
It also means I have survived a night as well.
We both are alive and here to crow about it.
So it puts me in a bloggin' mood.
I had been looking in anticipation to a few weeks in the mountains...when a large forest fire broke out.
A force of nature with which to contend.
At this moment, I am not quite sure if we are able to get to our cabin as the road has been closed.
Can't blame campers or careless human behavior as they think that the wind knocked down a power line that led to the flames erupting amidst 25 mph winds.
Or another theory emerging is that a beaver took out a tree, that took out the power line.
/Fury/ is what the smoke looks like rising from the mountain ridges....wind-driven fury.
I believe that we are all related, that there is a spirit that moves in and through all things.
I can't help but feel a deep sadness of loss for the 1000's of acres burning to ash.
At the same time that I love patterns of nature- rooster's crowing to announce daybreak, other natural patterns seem harsh to me and harder to embrace with love.
The destruction of forest fires...the harm to plants, trees and wildlife, let alone property damage and human harm ... strikes fear into my heart.
I am trying to keep an open heart as the flames spread, as I know that the natural cycle of the forest has been thwarted for the last 100 yrs. The forests we love ... need to burn.
At the same time, I call those woods my home.
Back and forth, am I selfish to envision those flames stopping their leaping and crowning through the trees?
It isn't just my life impacted by the fire, so aren't I just being concerned for all living beings?
I empathize with all in the area....frightened wildlife and humans alike.
I draw upon my faith and trust in the greatest good for all concerned to keep hope alive.
I will keep listening for that little rooster at the break of day.

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