Mar 7, 2011

Breath of fresh air --- deeply breathed in

I am feeling the awakening spirit of Spring! I am alive and grateful for the hope on the horizon.
I was pleasantly surprised by a Story Circle LifeLines Retreat with Christina Baldwin...
Perhaps because I had no expectation, except to be present for the event and drink it all in.
I was not familiar with any of her books.
A diary writer in the 60's, a dream journaler in the 70's and travel and spirit journey - journaler ever since, I had not come across her work prior to this encounter. That didn't matter for the spoken and unspoken experience was a profound experience of awakening.
The retreat was on my To Do List ~ I make lists more than write these days.
I have enjoyed Story Circle events in the past and was banking on this being lots of bang for my buck.
Wow. wow. wow.
As the time grew closer, I had an inkling of what was ahead as a ripple of interest ran through the current of conversation with some friends.
She is a mirror for the process that occurs among the group in attendance.
We engaged in PeerSpirit Circle Process: interactions that resonated deeply for me.

Her guidance seems effortless as her spirit is palpable in the midst. Reverence, respect, humor and connectedness...all components of the circle.

We discovered and rediscovered ourselves, our true essences and the light of others.
Gratitude that she invited us on the journey~
I invite you to join us in the circle.

Collaborative leadership. Awesome.

Bright blessings~

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