Dec 4, 2016

Global Unity Day of Prayer with Standing Rock Water Protectors

I am so impressed by the International Indigenous Youth representing themselves as protectors, not protestors. They ask that you not refer to "Frontlines" or "Actions".
These are ceremonies.
It is settler and colonizer mindset to see this as war or battle. It also perpetuates a stereotype of Natives on the "warpath".
It is really important to use words that are indigenous focused and aligned with the outcomes we envision for all concerned.
The youth truly are focused on NEW ways of relating to everybody.
Try it!
Will you talk about our brothers and sisters at prayer camp in Oceti Sakowin Camp and the other camps with words that can empower a future that embodies love and respect for each other?

The youth leaders are in prayer ceremony leading us to imagine what the spirits have given them to share: bring together global community of relatives. Plant the seeds of the blessings yet to come. Share the spirit of the circle of Life.

What is happening at Standing Rock is not so much a battle waged against the Black Snake but an awareness that we must change our hearts to envision ourselves as care takers and protectors.
Mainstream media wants to portray this as WAR as battle.
That is manipulation of the original design of the gathering of all my relatives.

I hope the veterans feel the message that we will turn the flock when our concentric rings are truly peaceful.
Blessings to all on this day of Prayer. #mniwiconi
Stalking Wolf:
"To know the spirit-that -moves-in-all-things is to know that if one part of that spirit is sick, lost or searching, then all is sick.
To work only for the self, is to know not the spirit-that -moves-in-all-things. If one does not know that spirit, one does not love, and thus cannot transcend self."
We are all related.

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