Dec 3, 2016

Connecting with the Spirit of Place

Upon entering Oceti Sakowin Camp, you are greeted by Camp Security. 
They are willing and able to search your car for any weapons, alcohol or drugs.
These dedicated folks stood out there in the elements – cold air, strong winds. frosty snow with a small fire to warm them occasionally.
One woman in particular was so kind in welcoming me “home” when I would say I was returning to camp. She was strong, no doubt in my mind, she was a Protector.
On Sunday when it was evident that the weather conditions were changing to winter storm conditions, I chose to cut and run south before I had to use the snow chains I had gotten for my truck.

Around noon, I entered camp for the last time and there she was once again.
I thanked her and explained this was my last time entering camp. She said it was her last time at the entrance and we had a heart-to-heart hug and blessings through all of our winter gear…

Truth. This is a prayer camp. Guests are invited to Stand with Standing Rock at the Sacred Fire in prayer. Guests are asked to offer tobacco with prayers from the heart.

Spirit will guide you to know how to offer and share your gifts.
Distance does not matter. You can do your part anywhere.
Keep our Protectors in your Prayers.

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