Jan 5, 2012

Acts of Man~ Earth changes around us.

It is time for renewal. Like the butterfly we hope to transform from our chrysalis and break free from being earth bound.

May the earth's heart shine to light your way as we transcend and dance within the shadows with all of creation on the journey.

May you be guided by earth’s heart with an expanding brilliance as all of creation dances together in delicate balance co-creating a future of harmony.
I have been waiting my whole life for this.
The completion of  13 Baktuns.
The end of the Mayan Long Count.
The beginning of transitions based on Earth Movements.

From the Mixteca Codices.

Soon after midnight, the skies exploded with sounds of thunder and flashes on the horizon and airborne lights shimmered after streaking through the obsidian heavens-
Burned bottle rocket shards rained down to earth, some still smoldering. 
Just as the logs on the fire were burning down to embers~ the wall of cold air enveloped the yard…
From Spring to Winter in 30 minutes. 
From the North- wisdom, white/snow, cold,  knowledge…lessons to learn, work to do.
Howling wind, uplifting, high flying winds with an intensity not likely to be forgotten soon.

You feel it, too, don't you? Apprehension about the future? 
No, I don't mean the nonsense of the world coming to and end like Hollywood predicts...
Though there are changes occurring. Earth changes are upon us. Take heed. 
You notice the odd weather, the dreadful news - close to home and far away.

The reality is in front of us daily~ take a look beyond the facade of the news.
I bear witness to the drought in Texas. 
Thousands of trees dead, the agricultural economy in a tailspin.
Thousand of people arrive daily in droves to Texas from around the world because the state, as a whole, has a booming economy. Relatively speaking.

We exceed the carrying capacity of the land. We practice unsustainable, un-fair and un-natural agricultural practices....
Of course the polar ice caps are melting...
Our service men and women coming home from war with PTSD...

I am not a doomsday fanatic, nor am I denying the obvious present reality. Look around.
Here's one, not surprising at all to me:
One of the nation's most widely planted crops — a genetically engineered corn plant that makes its own insecticide — may be losing its effectiveness because a major pest appears to be developing resistance more quickly than scientists expected. 


Then there are the Native American prophecies...
The earth needs to heal. The earth needs to purify.
Native American philosophy is that we need to protect the future for Seven Generations.
Will you act now? What will you do to secure the future for your grandchildren's children?
I have some ideas...
there are lots of concepts out there for "going green"- but it has to be more!
What if there was a failure in the power grid?

Like the 12 days of Christmas...Here are the twelve days of 2012...

We'll start with simple, easy things...
  1. Click to promote rainforest habitat.
  2. Recycle batteries if nothing else
  3. Replace incandescent bulbs
  4. Buy Local- shop at Farmer's Markets
  5. Buy Made in America or second-hand stores
  6. Reduce all around spending, especially those plastic purchases
  7. Plant a garden
  8. Learn an earth skill: start a fire with a bow drill
  9. Learn an earth skill: build a solar still to collect water from the ground
  10. Take a child for a walk outside and let them touch the earth
  11. Plant a tree with a group of children
  12. Sit in a quiet spot in nature and watch the sun set, imagining that sun setting on your grand children's children world.

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