Dec 2, 2011

Murmurrings of my heart

My status update: I am pondering the new year and the collective human consciousness that is evolving in these times. I am looking for new language to convey what I observe and feel.
One of the emerging themes is certainly one of "heart", another "circles"~ primordial concepts that we need to revive in these times.
My message is, that in these times, more than ever, we must face our fears with open hearts.
Rather than fear, practice awareness~ observe and feel the unseen and eternal message of your heart.
Rather than isolation and xenophobia, we need to create community among all of our relationships.
Let's not skip our diverse biological communities.
The news is indisputable.
The polar ice caps are shrinking with an alarming rate.
The debate and blame game can rage as to "why?", but I prefer to ACT and not simply ReACT.
We have soiled our "nest" like no other species~ our social systems have become poisoned by misguided leadership throughout the centuries.
Yet, I see that there is an emerging consciousness, much like the murmurs of flocks of birds, shifting direction and regrouping to tack into the wind or glide on the wind.

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