Nov 6, 2009

Saturn Pluto square - Hold on for the ride!

This might be a foreshadowing of the Saturn Pluto square that is powering up in the heavens now. Breakdowns, violence and the misery of the masses are suggested by this most difficult pair of heavyweights in a challenging square.

Where? How? We don’t know. But astrologers have seen this square in the heavens many times and there is always a period of great turmoil and difficulty here on Earth during these months. It is a time to move cautiously and slowly toward your objectives.
Lance Ferguson
My attention turned towards the heavens this morning, prompting me to add a few more minutes to my commute in order to see the grand finale of dawn unveiling the birth of the new day.
I am reminded of Mayan mythology of the Hero Twins representing the dance of the migratory path of the Sun and Moon each day. Mythical aspects of true astronomical patterns, the Hero Twins' lives revolve around their daily passage through the heavens and down into the underworld. Neptunian underworld. The world of dreams and caves. A land where I feel at home. These archetypical images related to birth and rebirth are as relevant to the human condition today as 10,000 years ago.
Dionysian lyrics of Jim Morrison were an anthem of my youth.
The day destroys the night, Night divides the day, Tried to run, Tried to hide, Break on through to the other side!
I share an affinity with Mayan mythology from watching the mystery of the movement of sun and moon myself! Even from my vantage point as a "Western" (as in Civilization as opposed to Texan) scientist, I embrace the great mystery of being able to observe time marching on!
This morning I was witness to the glory of the new day unfolding on the horizon.
I head east under the ink sky where the faintest glow illuminates the silhouetted hills.
Venus, just a pinpoint of light in contrast to the luminous glow peeking over the edge of night, is a prominent planet on my natal chart. The morning star and evening star.
Duality. A perfect icon for my Gemini spirit that encompasses paradox and contradictions. Night and day.
I am made up of many cultures.
My world view has been expanded from growing up in the 1950's, protesting the wars of the 1970's,living in Mexico, caving, archeology and immersing myself in my world around me.
My journey progresses eastward mirroring the path of Xbalanque, following the emerging light of the predawn sky.
As I drive for 30 minutes, the underworld releases the sun to the sky.
Finely-contoured shadows unzip to reveal strips of pastel hues that defy ordinary descriptions.
Um- that is close to a watermelon pink.
The moment is mutable. I look hard at the layers of colors hanging between light and dark.
Pink layers streak across the sky. No, that word does not describe the color.
This painting this morning is filled with pale watercolor hues. Melon. No. I can’t get it right. Visual richness does not translate to any vocabulary I can find.
The prayer/meditation comes to mind- this is attributed to Stalking Wolf or Grandfather:
Let me find awe in the simplest of your gifts.
I tend to take dawn for granted each day. It signifies another drive away from home into the city.
If I witness the miracle of the moment of night slipping into day, it strikes me as anything but simple.
Today, however, I am awed by the transitioning twilight to silvery skies.
This crepuscular creation captures my spirit.
This is the cusp of what separates aspects of our lives.
I witness the measure of time marked by changing heavens.
It is as though I witness the measure of my days before me.
This eternal event before me marks my mortal life.
I learn to be awed by each day before me.
Gratitude for the lesson.

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