Dec 2, 2016

Through the photographer's lens

Tom Jefferson photographer

Concentric rings emanate from our thoughts...
Why Oceti Sakowin Camp has such a special feeling on earth: the waters of the river to the East where the sunrises, the homelands of many nations to the South, the healing sunset glow to the West and the strong winds from the north blow over the sacred lands and carry the peace of prayer among us.

I guess that is why I like the expression "come correct" so much.

Here I go on an educational theme today...
Did you know that the pipelines are for foreign markets exports? Oil not for domestic use!

Want to know more about these Treaties that were not honored?

 In 1970, President Nixon along with Congress did the right thing and returned the Sacred Waters of Blue Lake to the Sovereign Taos Pueblo.

In my cynicism, I would say that was before Big Oil had bought their way into local, state and federal government.

National Geographic has high school curriculum to share:
Nov 30

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