Dec 5, 2016

A new day. A new dawn.

To prove that Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics do not uphold the Rule of Law, they dismiss the need for an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and dismiss the ruling of the US Army Corps of Engineers *USACE)to deny a permit for an easement under Lake Oahe to continue to trespass on federal land.

Why did Bundy States Rights followers get kid-glove treatment and Native Americans get beaten and arrested?
Because in this case the Anti-Federalists ARE the militarized Law Enforcement of North Dakota and Morton County. But you already figured this out already, right?

You get the connection between Standing Rock and the white anti-Obama followers of Trump?
Dalrymple fights for his states rights, calling the USACE denying the permit a political stunt.
The LAW states that they did not comply with the EIS.

Good to know to boycott Sunoco now.

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