Nov 30, 2016

A personal journey to Oceti Sakowin Camp

This may have been a personal journey, but it was not about me. It is about "we", it is about our grandchildren's is about so much more.
I was seeking what it means to Stand for Standing Rock: as individuals and collectively.
Fortunately people who have been there since April have gotten a fairly good handle on those answers.
Today, Lisha Sterling wrote what it means to her to Stand for Standing Rock.
Something simple everyone can do it, read this.     
Take it to heart. 

We may simplify the cause to #nodapl because we have to.
We may reduce our message to fit on signs to Defend the Sacred or Mni Wiconi/Water is Life...
But this is a watershed moment in so many ways for all that is Life.

I set off to North Dakota with the intention to contribute what I could to the forward momentum of the mission of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation in stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline. I had an inner knowing that this was about so much more than a political action, but was about human survival, about a new way of relating to each other and the world around us.
I wasn’t going just to “show up” for a selfie. I wasn’t really taking up stuff, although I did haul a camper full of kitchen gear for another person’s mission to set up a cook shack that could be utilized during the winter months. Since April, I had donated money to the Sacred Stone Camp and the school.

My intent was to pray with one heart, one mind, one purpose for the water, for our earth, for the people, for my relatives.

Today many good things have been written and need to be shared.

These are sentiments that I share~
Chase Iron Eyes wrote on his Facebook page today:
We must take the fight to DAPL, Big Extraction, Big Finance, on every front. This is much bigger than Native Americans & clean water. This is the latest on a continuum of soul seeking liberation. In those spaces where humans break free from economic, political, "legal" oppression. In those precious spaces when you live, when you face explosions, water blasts, less lethal bullets & attack dogs, when your spirit decolonizes the mind. This is the same fight Martin Luther fought, the American revolutionaries fought, the same liberation Harriet Tubman, Tecumseh & CrazyHorse sought. There is oppression which is perpetrated by humans on other humans, and there is oppression perpetrated on all humans by the logic of capital-debt.

This is what it means to Stand with Standing Rock!
"Soul seeking liberation."
Join us in the place where your "spirit decolonizes the mind."

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