Jan 19, 2012

Poisons of convenience

“Beware good people they’re fooling you,
trust them not, they are fooling you…
Beware, oh, take care.”
A favorite Pete Seeger tune of mine we used in the No Nukes campaign for nuclear arms moratorium.
I have let my guard down…I was fooled!
It is easy to understand how I could get fooled again.
Many faux green corporations are getting mighty crafty in these days, maintaining corporate greed of profit over people.
You know to whom I refer…many corporations have bought organic brands and now surreptitiously continue to poison us.
I want to believe, I really do. I want to believe that we as culture, civilization we act on behalf of common good.
 But I know, the battle wages for our health and control over safe food.
Seeds of Change
Uyuni  Quinoa and whole grain brown rice (with garlic)
Just microwave 90 secs in the pouch
My red flag went up~ after I bought these on impulse at Costco.
It is recyclable plastic, that is a plus, right?!
I asked myself, what is this #7 plastic?
Plastic #7: This number basically means “everything else”-composed of plastics which were invented after 1987.  Polycarbonate falls into this category, including the dreaded BPA. So do modern plastics used in anything from iPods to computer cases. It also includes some baby bottles and food storage containers which resist staining. Use of #7 plastic is at your own risk, since you don’t know what could be in it. It is difficult to recycle #7 plastic and most curbside recycling programs won’t accept it.
Be aware that the convenience of microwave food could be harming you and your children. Food or drink containers made from #7 plastic should be approached with a good deal of suspicion. The bag doesn't say anything about BPA free!

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