Jul 31, 2010


"Sail with me unto the unknown voyage that has no end." Arlo Guthrie
I have reflected on that phrase since high school.
Today I am reflecting on how sailing at sunset and into the night is a metaphor for my life.
On a lake the horizon opens up to 360 degrees. You can see clearly the western sky, mellowing with sun rays down-shifting from vibrant red, to cool melon and at last faint yellow/pale pink.
The perfect time and place to witness transition from day to night.
Clarity of vision at the same time light is actually dwindling.
What is clear to me that living in the now and being present with wind on your face, sloshing water beneath your feet and wind in your sails is a rich and fulfilling life. Something so primal about bobbing on the water. I felt like my Dutch ancestors would have gazing at the heavens in awe at so many points of light.
Then in a heart beat conditions change, wind shifts, come about- nearly perpendicular to the water's edge.
Whoa there!
28 years after publication, I picked up Work of Her Own by Susan Wittig Albert. Confluence of her thesis and a conclusion I have drawn...I need to quit waiting to do all the things I need to do in life and do them.
Thing is, with me...I took the time in my 20's-30's to be a part-time hippie finding myself --knowing myself, etc. and have been fairly happy with career choices. I am fortunate to have a job where I can be creative.
Yes, I want more. I want to captain the ship.
Now I don't mean metaphorically...gonna get that certification...
'Gonna sail out on the ocean, gonna ride my pony on my boat' as Lyle Lovett would say.

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