Nov 14, 2009

My favorite storytellers...

I must honor the voice of one of my greatest teachers, Tom Brown, Jr.
I devoured his books about 10 years ago and traveled to his camp in the Pine Barrens for some of the most unbelievable experiences of my life.
Healing myself, while learning how to care for the earth.
Again, when the news seems to be all bad, I have tended to drop the ball and run.
I found this quote today to speak to me again as though it was new.
The excerpt refers to living one's Vision. I have grown complacent. I do want to share these books with you.
The Tracker, The Journey, The Search...Let me just link to the Tracker School....
...It is these choices and these thoughts that make life ecstatic or debilitating.

For those of us who have a Vision to see this world change, we have no choice but to work within society to bring about this change. We are tired of the pollution, the wars, the hatred, the prejudice, and the constant destruction of the Earth. We can see beyond the trappings of the flesh and into a world of spiritual riches.
There is more for us in life than the nine to five work ethic and a life of clocks, finances, and shallow living.
We are governed by a strong Vision to get people back to the Earth, to basic and real values, and closer to the world of spirit.
Those with Vision know that they cannot run away and hide, for there is no place to hide.
We know that we must bring our Vision back to society or we become responsible for the destruction of the Earth.... The Quest

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