Oct 6, 2009

Conscious Creativity

What I like about this blog is that makes me think consciously about creativity.
So today I took pictures of mosaics I made nearly 10 years ago...never thought to take pictures.
Never had much of an audience for them.
Been thinking about mosaic-ing...it is an approach to my life...a piece here, a piece there...
When I made these, I said it reminded me of learning Spanish and sign language- it's a way of communication- with colors, a new language, using fingers.
My first mosaic I made in high school...that's a big thing. We even made the tile and glazed it.
I'll take a picture of it next.
This is my armadillo series...abstract and less so.

Mandala series above.

Roadrunner Stepping stone.
These were made from scrap pieces of tile from a secret source.

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Janet Grace Riehl said...


I love how you're thinking about intermingling creativity.

That's fascinating to me as my mission for www.riehlife.com is creating connections through the arts and across cultures.

If you'd like to write a guest post, I'd welcome that.

Janet Riehl