Sep 22, 2009

Precious rain, precious water

Rain pounding on the metal roof woke me up this morning. Early. Very early.
Long time coming.
Timing is perfect as I started to read Barbara Kingsolver's book today, Animal,Vegetable, Miracle. I love it all ready just 6 pages into the book.
We share the consternation about the burgeoning growth of the "Sunbelt", with the cities like Austin and Tucson (Austin more now than even Tucson, I believe)gaining more residents. People flood the areas, while actual rains have failed to resupply our precious groundwater.
Kingsolver's depiction of the Spanish beginning a water deficit by planting such things as orange trees in the desert is a clever way of bringing home the seriousness of the ecological disaster of agricultural practices of the Southwest. Likened to a financial debt, we are stacking up irreversible damage by borrowing water today to mortgage our children's future.

We are witnessing the reverse Dust Bowl, aren't we? Residents are fleeing the Golden State to find Pastures of Plenty back east or down south. People are bailing out due the inability to sustain irrigation agriculture in San Joaquin valley.

Water. Its all about water. Remember the Milagro Beanfield War?
I hope our story will have a happy ending.
I know I will enjoy the humor and awareness of my new favorite book.
It's not a trivial difference:praying for or against rainfall in a drought.
You can argue that wishes don't count,but humans are good at making our dreams manifest and we do, historically speaking, get what we wish for.

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