Mar 30, 2007

Digital Storytelling- the CDS Model

The Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley is helping to build communities through multimedia storytelling...

Stories that

  • connect you with your audience
  • pass on heritage and memories of family roots to future generations
  • heal emotional wounds
  • give voice to disenfranchised
The CDS model is effective in its brevity and clarity.
Stories can transform the teller and the listener.
It is a teaching tool that can provide metaphor for lessons and lectures.
The example below is my first attempt to convey my message in 2 mins with multimedia.

The story below I might use this in an anthropology or history as an advanced organizer.
Questions to ask before viewing:
What can you tell about the culture of the 1950's from watching this?
How is the music, food or lifestyle the same or different from your experiences growing up?
Do you have a family member who served in World War II?
What have you heard, seen or what do you already know about the 1950's?

This was made after workshop on CDS process:

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